Creating quotes for new business or linking Purchase Orders to a job.. this is a simple procedure in SD Pro...

Easy, Quick, Straightfoward Quoting

From easy to enter forms, create a professional quotation or Parts Order that can be emailed to your Customer/Supplier via Pdf.  Part Orders will then be linked within the job for a complete audit trail. 

Pick items from stock look ups, include pictures of the products and link back to the manufacturers web pages for technical information if required. 

Multiple revisions of the quote gives quick and easy modification, with instant recalculation of profit and margin %. 

Once the Quote has been accepted Support Desk Pro will assist in the flow of the order from supplier (or stock) and track the serial number back on to the Customers equipment file. 


Trace the order back from goods received via order number, customer account, internal ref and quote ref. 

From a Quotation….

  • Multiple Quote Versions
  • Produce Costing Sheets
  • Order Confirmation
  • Purchase orders to Suppliers
  • Supplier Invoice Entry
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Stock Control - Stock Availability
  • Free Stock Allocation by Location/Vehicle
  • Order tracking
  • Raise an Invoice or Pro-forma
  • Add New Equipment to Contract
  • Integrate with your financial system for on stop and balance control.

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