Remove the paper trail by sending job information directly to a PDA or Tablet

Empower your Field Based Staff

Empower your field based staff with Support Desk Pro’s Mobile application, SDMobile. 

Remove the paper trail by sending Customer/Job information directly to a PDA/Tablet.

Capture Travel Time, On/Off site times and Customer signatures. 

Other features include managing van stock, expenses, photo capture and task management.

Adapting to Current Requirements

Recognising that each company has a unique process flow, we can adapt our core flow to encompass current requirements that include;

  • Vehicle checks
  • Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety
  • Job Sheets
  • Lone Worker requirements
  • Van Stock Management
  • Pre/Post work Photos
  • Signature capture
  • Task Management
  • Take me there function
  • Expenses capture
  • Quote creation
  • Job Creation

What our clients say...